Fun Bridal shower ideas that are not stressful!

Bridal Showers are mandatory for the bride, to come out of her shells and have fun with friends and family. It is one amongst, the other excuses for the friends and close ones to unite and share the joy. Planning such grand events can be thrilling and exciting, and if you are planning to offer the would-be bride an exciting wedding shower event, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Break The Rules:

While planning the bridal shower, it is essential to keep in mind that the purpose of the event is to create a cherishable moment with the close ones and to spend the time enjoying. Therefore, it must be plain and simple, without any hard and fast rule. In most of the cases, the shower event tends to be limited among the women folks, but these days, even men take part in the event up cheer up the bride. Play games, organize some good food and turn the event into a grand occasion, where everybody can enjoy!

Fun Ideas for Bridal Shower:

The wedding shower is the only special party the bride can celebrate with her friends, before he grand occasion. So, it must be fulfilling and distressing for her!

  • A Photo Session or A Video Booth: Irrespective of the nature of the party, a photo session or video booth, will always light up the event. Additionally, you may decide a special theme, or a character for the session and make it all the more exciting!
  •  Create a Scrapbook:Instead of a guestbook, ask the guests to write in letters, well wishes or poems, blessing the new couple. Adding up the crazy images, it can be compiled into a documentation of the happy moments with the close ones, which will inevitably be the most precious gift for the bride.
  • The Memory Game: Ask all the guests to pen down, the special moments they have spent with the bride or the groom, and then read it aloud to the honourable guests, to leave them guessing, who wrote the event.

Renting an outdoor space, for organizing an exciting bridal shower in the open air is also a commendable option, for the event organizers. This way, the families can enjoy the sporting activities or camping; and if the bride is not too sporty, you may organize a traditional bridal shower, with guests sharing their exclusive memories, or their blessings and well wishes for the upcoming marriage.

Even though this, might not be an exciting event for the bride, but with the well wishes and elders blessing them and creating fond memories, will brighten up the occasion and distress them. Searching the internet for good jokes and some out of the box gaming ideas might also lend the event a success.